Saturday, September 7, 2013

Current Favorites

Hey...long time no...type. I've been absent for quite some time and I have a few spare minutes so I thought I'd let you all in on some of the stuff I've been loving lately. How anyone been surviving without my pointless rambling, I'll never know. My life has been going through crazy changes lately so I've got plenty of material for a "funny because it's not happening to you" post soon but until's what I got. 

1. CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation (palest color they make...seriously one shade up from Milk, aka '805')
This is the best foundation I've ever tried from the drugstore. I used to swear by Revlon ColorStay but after trying this one, ColorStay seems thick and hard to blend. The CoverGirl foundation stays a long time and covers as well as my MUFE Mat Velvet +...and bonus, it doesn't break me out like Mat Velvet tends to. This is my third bottle. Love. 

2. MAC palettes
Only a few short words about these...i love that i can freaking see what colors are in the palette without having to open them! Much sturdier and nicer than the originals plus you can fit way more since it doesn't come with a divider. Only negatives: the magnet is not as strong so some shadows slide around...and you have to purchase the divider separately to prevent this. (Side note...I know the quad has been in this format for a long time, I just love that all of my palettes match now. A mama and a baby.)

3. Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigment in Improper Copper
I resisted buying this for a long time. I have SO many BE loose shadows and even more reddish brown shadows in my collection. SO GLAD I DID. It's gorgeous, and, like 6 bucks. I use it over Smashbox Creme Shadow in Gemstone (thanks, Prissy!!) and it really transforms it. I wouldn't wear this one without a colored base but it looks amazing over any of the Color Tattoos. 

4. Butter London Bit Faker and Sinful Colors Endless Blue
This glitter is so gorgeous, it's a bronzy-brown and it only requires one coat. ONE COAT. I'm currently awaiting a package containing Butter's 444 glitter and I hope it has the same formula and density as this one. Endless Blue is the brightest, most vibrant cobalt I've come across. I believe it's a dupe for Essie's Butler Please (which I've heard has a shitty formula) and it's $2! I'm all about blue this year. (Somewhat metaphorically but definitely literally)

5. NYX Liquid Liners (Collection Nior & Collection Chocolate)
I first bought the black one by mistake. I thought it was a pen tip...but I was blown away by this thing. I wore it for more than 12 hours on a 90+ degree day and it didn't budge. I then fell asleep without washing it off (don't judge) and when I woke up it looked like I just applied it. It's amazing and the brush is so tiny it's easy to make a thin or thick line/wing. I bought the chocolate one for more subtle looks and the formula/brush/staying power is the same. I will forever repurchase these.

6. L'Oreal La Laque (414 I Laque You A Lot [barf]) and Jordana Twist and Shine (02 Sweet Candy)
Holy crap are these things pigmented. I bought the L'Oreal one on a whim for a brighter red in crayon form and it is super bright. I love it though, for a night out. It doesn't dry as shiny as the advertisement looks but then again why would I believe an ad in the first place? The Jordana version is just as pigmented and it smells like candy, way better than the L'Oreal  plus it's $3. I bought it thinking it was a neutral pink and it's SO not...but I don't think I can ever have enough bright, bold pinks in my collection. Pretty decent staying power on both. 

That's all I can do for now...I forgot how much work went into this whole "blog" thing. Let me know if you'd like to see my favorite hair/skin/life products, 'cause I've got a list of those as well. On second thought, I'm going to do that post whether you tell me to or not. So, there. 


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  1. Great to hear from you. I am glad you posted about the cover girl foundation. I just picked it up-in the palest shade they have as well-I haven't tried it yet. I tried just about all of the bb cc creams high end and drug store. I have a Chanel foundation that disappears after a few hour. So I hoping this one will work.
    I picked up to of the Makeup Geek pigments. I think they are $6 and they are awesome. I haven't tried the Maybelline.
    Hope you are doing well. Hugs to Duke.
    Sue in GR