Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review: MFW Mask

So along with my new favorite lotion, my January Birchbox also had a sheet mask to try. I've never tried a sheet mask before so I was pretty excited.

MFW (My Face Works) is a company based in Canada that specializes in face masks. They have several different kinds but the one I received in my Birchbox was called I need to heal and was a water based aloe-vera mask.

The website states that this mask helps sooth and heal irritated skin, enhances the skins glow and luminosity, provides instant hydration to the skin and has concentrated ingredients that are soaked in a non-woven fabric, the most widely-used mask cloth, with good firmness. The two key ingredients are Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice - Skin repairing properties, increasing the resilience of the skin and Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Extract - Moisturizing properties for ultra soft skin with soothing properties.

According to the website this mask is Great for calming stressed skin that has been exposed under extreme weather conditions, has a cooling sensation will tame and hydrate sensitive skin without irritation and is suitable for Sensitive and Normal to Dry Skin. Does this deliver all it claims to? Let's find out!

I know, creepy, right?!

Alright, so just as a preface, I removed my makeup, washed my face thoroughly and exfoliated before I put this mask on and besides the fact that I resemble Michael Myers, it felt amazing on my skin. At this time of year, I need extra hydration, especially around my eyes, nose and mouth so I was anxious to try this out. It's been in the single digits and having the heat on 24/7 really dries out a girl's skin!

The smell of this mask was just ok. It had a bit of a fresh smell but it was kind of strong and not my favorite type. It wasn't offensive though. The mask is wet when you take it out of the package and it was pretty cold which felt fantastic. I have pretty acne-prone and sensitive skin. The website says not to use the mask if you have severe acne-which I don't-but I'm hoping it doesn't break me out like the website promises.

The website adhered to my face pretty well and about 15 minutes after putting it on, began to dry out and not stick as well to my face. The package says to wear this for mask for 15-20 minutes. When I took it off my skin felt very hydrated and not tight at all. Almost like my skin but better! There's no need to rinse after this mask, you just massage the extra liquid into your skin.

I'd have to give this mask an A! The whole experience was very soothing and relaxing. My face has never felt smoother! I'm very glad I got to try one out! I'll update if I experience any sort of irritation from this MFW Mask. :)

Thanks for reading! Have you ever tried a MFW Mask?


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  1. I just tried it! Felt amazing :)