Wednesday, June 8, 2011

COVERGIRL Lip Perfection Lipsticks

I have heard all the hype behind these lippies and as much as I wanted to try them out, I was on Project 10 Pan so I wasn't able to pick any up. Well, I just happened to be in Rite Aid yesterday and noticed that all COVERGIRL products were Buy One, Get One 50% Off. Perfect time to try these out! I think it came out to be around $11.00 US.

I picked up two shades, Enchantress (a blue based bright pink) and Delight (a pink based red.) There were so many gorgeous colors to choose from and, based on my first impression of the colors I bought, I may have to go back and get a few more. I don't know what made me get Delight, it is beautiful but it's not a color I'd normally go for. I do know why I picked up Enchantress, even though I need another hot pink like I need a hole in the's somehow different from the ones I own already.

Now, since I only picked these up yesterday, I cannot comment on the claims that they transform your lips in seven days. They do, however, feel very nice and smooth on the lips.

I love the packaging on these, very classy and modern pewter squared tubes with the true color of the lippy on the bottom. The tube does tend to attract fingerprints but who really cares? ;)

Enchantress is a beautiful color in it's most opaque form, but even when it wears off (or you wipe it because you just had to try it on as soon as you got to work, ahem) it's evenly and almost like a stain. In fact, the swatch from last night is still visible on my hand this morning. The color itself is very bright, almost neon, and has a sheen (not shimmer), metallic frost if you will, but it does leave traces of glitter everywhere that I don't notice when it's on...? Given the frost factor and the color of this lipstick itself, if not applied correctly could make you look like an extra from an 80's sitcom, if you know what I mean. (not that there's anything wrong with that...) It's still a pretty color though. I can say that my lips felt pretty tight after wearing this and it wasn't moisturizing, which normally isn't a big deal, especially if it stays on for a long time...but when your claim is that it "perfects" your lips...
Delight is a more wearable bright, I'd say. It's perfect if you want to do a modern red lip but don't want to have to worry about being so careful with a deep true red. This color goes on sheer at first but is buildable and much easier to wear than a plain old red color. Delight's formula reminds me of a MAC Lustre. Definitely more moisturizing of the two.

I'm really dying to try more shades, perhaps a peachy coral next?

Let's get to the swatches, shall we?

I plan to update this blog if I ever get the chance to wear one of these lipsticks for seven days straight...ha! Or if I happen to purchase a few more colors!

Have any of you tried these new(er) lipsticks? How do you like them?


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