Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sinful Colors 24/7 vs Sinful Colors Fusion Neon

Alright, so it all started when...
Michele1218 on YouTube mentioned in a video that she was really into an old(er) Essie polish called Pink Parka. It was a bright neon pink and very pretty. Someone tweeted that a Sinful Colors polish called 24/7 was a very similar shade. I knew I owned a neon pink from Sinful Colors (that just happened to be on my toes) so I figured it had to be 24/7.
But then when I was picking out nail polishes for my Summer Besties Tag, I happened to look at the bottom and noticed it was called Fusion Neon. What? Now I was curious.
I went up to Walgreens and picked up the hottest pink I could find in the Sinful Colors display. "Fusion Neon" it read. Hmmm...so did the next three bottles. Finally I picked up one from the bottom of a picked over shelve. 24/7! I found it. But wait, what was the difference?

Don't mind the nail polish on the lid...got a little crazy with the splatter experiment.

SC Fusion Neon on the left, SC 24/7 on the right.

SC Fusion Neon on the left, SC 24/7 on the right.

SC Fusion Neon on the toes, SC 24/7 on the fingers :)

SC Fusion Neon on the left, SC 24/7 on the right.
I literally cannot tell any difference in color when I look at the bottles, swatches or polish on my actual nails. There are only a handful of unimportant details that differ.
1. The bottles are different. I honestly can't remember when I purchased Fusion Neon but it must be in an older bottle because the newer SC colors I have are in the same bottle as 24/7. The polish goes down further towards the bottom of the bottle and the bottle appears thinner on the newer polishes. Both are still .5 oz though, the normal amount of a nail polish.
2. The application. Here's where the polish differs the most to me. As you can see in the last picture, when held up to the light, you can see that 24/7 is more streaky. Both swatches have 4 coats but even after that, 24/7 can still look streaky on your nails. I'd much prefer Fusion Neon based on application.

1. Color, obviously. They are identical. I've asked several people, and not even my color blind boyfriend, could tell the difference. Same shade, same undertone, same same.
2. Finish. Both colors finish matte. I have a shiny top coat on my nails but the swatches on the nail wheels are the shades alone.
3. Since they are both mattes, they dry very quickly.

The only difference is application. It's almost as if they took the same polish and rebottled it but somehow tweaked the formula a little and thinned out the 24/7 version. Not sure why they'd ever do that but, hey. Maybe one bottle was older and therefore thicker in consistency? I could ponder this longer but frankly, I don't care. If you can't get ahold of Essie Pink Parka, I'd recommend picking one of these shades up. Preferably Fusion Neon ;) They're all gorgeous!
And besides, it's only $1.99!

What do you think?
Do you own any of these three polishes?


  1. It's the same color, I removed the label "Fusion Neon" and under it puts "24/7"

  2. I have both fusion neon & 24/7 (which actually seems to have more white in it) today i went to pick up another bottle of 24/7 and noticed the color is noticeably different than my previous bottle which is almost empty now. It is not neon at all now. It ooks light a lighter shade of their "cream pink" I picked up every bottle labeled 24/7 and they all were that same color so it wasnt a matter of being mislabeled. They are so inconsistent with their colors it's a shame because this happens to be my favorite.

    1. Same here! I am so upset about this. I've looked for the original 24/7 everywhere and can't find it. It's my favorite summer color that I wear all season.

  3. Yeah it's NOT the same at all...not neon not bright it's not even MATTE now! It's actually pretty ridiculous to change it this much and I can't understand why they would change it like this.....annoying!

  4. I'm so mad. They are NOT the same! I want my neon pink 24/7 back

  5. I'm so mad. They are NOT the same! I want my neon pink 24/7 back