Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 day Fruit & Veggie Cleanse - Day 2

Alright, a little update, day 2.

You know that feeling you get right after you throw up? You're a little shaky, you chest feels weighed down, you can taste orange juice in your throat...yeah, I've been feeling that way since about 10pm last night. Other than that, I'm great! No, really, it's not that bad...

Last night, I went to bed dreaming of pizza rolls and cheeseburgers. Today, I woke up actually craving a smoothie. I also had a head when I went to sleep but it was gone when I woke up. I'm still craving those things, just not as bad as I was last night. That being said...I haven't experienced tonight yet. Night time is definitely the hardest. Only two more nights!

I'm actually impressed with myself, that I've been able to last this long. It's really, really hard. I'm so hungry, mainly because it's hard to fill up on this stuff. I can't wait until Friday, when I can have an actual dinner. I think I'll grill myself up some stir fry...or fajitas! More than half way there!

Stay tuned!


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