Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast

Alright, a couple things before I start up with these recipe postings:

1. My "n" key is currently malfunctioning...I'm using copy & paste to write this. My keyboard also types an "n" after every "a." VERY  annoying. you'd be surprised how many words have an "n" (or an "a" with no  "n" after it... Please excuse any spelling errors! :) )
2. I'm not a professional cook/chef/baker. I just enjoy it and want to share my experiences with you guys!
3. I mostly use what I have in my lazy susan/pantry/fridge and i NEVER use measurements if I'm not following a recipe.
I hope you all enjoy these posts, here we go with the first dish :)

Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I use Purdue for Kirkland from Costco)
1 pkg frozen spinach (thawed)
about 4 tbsp blue cheese
4 slices bacon cooked crispy and crumbled
olive oil
coarse garlic salt (or granulated garlic and salt)
freshly ground pepper

preheat oven to 350

butterfly chicken breast and pound out until all chicken is even thickness. coat a glass or ceramic baking dish with olive oil. grind garlic salt an pepper onto oil in dish. coat chicken with olive oil on all sides. sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper.

drain spinach. Probably the most important step of this whole dish because if you don't drain the spinach it becomes a sloppy mess ;)

place spinach, bacon and blue cheese in layers on one half of each chicken breast. I suggest stuffing as much of the filling as you can. fold other half of chicken over tightly.

place chicken breasts in baking dish and bake until fully cooked (about 40 minutes.)

enjoy! (I pair mine with sweet potato fries!)

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