Sunday, September 12, 2010

Current Loves

Alright, I have a few minutes to kill; the boyfriend is still sleeping, and I'm waiting for my dad to text me about what time he wants to meet for breakfast. It's my birthday today so we're going to Cracker Barrel to celebrate. :)

I was thinking of what I could write about and it all came back to these few things I'm currently obsessing over.  The first thing is fall, which I know I somehow mention in every post. But really, the weather is wonderful, it's just chilly enough for a fleece or hoody and it's pretty windy out there. All of the fall home scents have come out too...I think fall scented candles are my biggest weakness. We went to Ulta last night, as well as Bath & Body Works and picked some up. At Ulta, I bought a WoodWick Candle in the scent "Cider Mill." I love the WoodWick Candles because they crackle like a fireplace, are extremely scented and last a lot longer than any other candle I know of. At Bath & Body Works they had the Slatkin & Co. 4 oz. candles on sale 2 for $10, which is a great deal considering they are usually $9.50 a piece. I already have some scented oils from that brand in the fall scents so I picked up two candles, one in "Spiced Cider" and the other in "Autumn". Spiced Cider is amazing, it smells exactly like a mug of hot apple cider. I have the oil in that flavor as well so that should cover the whole house. The autumn candle smells just like one would expect "autumn" to smell. It smells like if you were to walk in the woods on a fall morning. Just delicious, I burned it last night. I also have an oil in the flavor "Leaves" which smells like, well, leaves. These types of smells just make me feel happy inside, I'm not sure why!

Bath & Body Works also sells the room sprays in those scents so I picked one up in "Spiced Cider" for an upcoming contest I'm hosting.

Another thing I'm loving? My new phone.
I went to AT&T on Thursday morning because my boyfriend had lost his phone the night before. My phone had been giving me some problems so I wanted to have them look at it, anyway. Well my boyfriend decided (after much deliberation) to buy the new Blackberry Torch. I've heard a lot about it, it's the first real touchscreen Blackberry and is supposed to be a super smart-phone. I'm not going to lie, I was jealous. The tech there, Fred was his name, couldn't figure out what was wrong with my phone so I asked when I was eligible for an upgrade. "Not until next April" Fred replied. Oh well.

But then we got to talking about U-Verse, AT&T's cable service. We are unhappy with our current service and Fred told us we could get U-Verse for $10 cheaper a month with all the same channels and internet, plus more. Fred then told me I could get the Blackberry for the upgrade price ($!99) if we switched to U-Verse. I was intrigued but I didn't need a new phone so I passed. He was really pushing the U-Verse so he said "alright, you can get the phone at the upgrade price AND I'll give you a $100 Visa gift card if you switch to U-Verse."
I still wasn't biting, I just couldn't justify it. But then he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. "I'll give you the $100 Visa gift card and I'll sell you the Blackberry for $98, if you switch." How could I turn that down? Even if I waited until April I'd end up paying $100 more for the phone. I was sold. And Fred could tell because he went and got a new phone and put it by the register "just in case."
Anyway, on to the phone. I love it! It's so complicated, I'm not even sure I know how to use it. I figured out texting, Facebook and Twitter, that's about it for now. The camera stopped working so I'm taking it back either today or another day this week, it must be a glitch. I feel rather important with this phone, like a high powered business woman. I think Blackberries have a way of doing that to a person.

The other thing I'm really liking is my Rimmel eyeliner. I had an eyeliner from Rimmel a really long time ago, it's down to a nub now, and all I could read on the pencil was "Magic." I wasn't sure of the exact color name or type of liner it was. I could never find another one to match up to it. I recently bought one called "Jet Black" and that was clearly not it. It didn't glide on smooth at all, wasn't super pigmented and didn't last long. So while at Meijer on Friday afternoon, I was walking by the Rimmel display and saw that there were two different black eyeliners. I swatched them both on my hand and it was clear as soon as I swiped the one called "Black Magic" on my hand that it was the one I had been after. It glides on so smooth, is super black and stays put. And it's only about $3.50! It looks awesome on the waterline, FYI.

I also have been in love with my Converse shoes. I got them at Target about a month ago for only $22. I used to have a pair of navy blue high tops but my sister has them and I wanted the shorter ones anyway. I also got them in grey because I'm obsessing over that as well and it goes with everything. I wear them all the time, as soon as I get out of work, if I run errands or anything, I slip them on. They are so comfortable and easy to drive in. And they look cute as well :)

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