Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 3: Eight things that annoy you.

Really? I can only list 8? Well, I guess I'll just list the first 8 that come to mind.

1. When a car is driving really slow in front of you, on a main road that is supposed to be 45 mph. They're going about 30, blinker on, blinker off, looking around, I think I might have to turn soon, I don't know...and when they finally turn...THERE'S NO ONE IN FRONT OF THEM! It was just them, on there own. No traffic jam, no accident...nothing!

2. When every song that's currently on the Top 40 radio stations sucks. Like now.

3. When people think we all owe them something. Like some people at my work, when we have to set up specific rooms specific ways. We can suggest to them all day that another room would be easier, is already set up the way they want, etc...but they don't want to move it "just because." And they all think we are there to serve them.

4. When I can't think of an actor's name or what movie they played in before the one I'm watching. Thank goodness for Google.

5. When people are "driving" on a tv show and they turn the wheel back and forth super fast. Where are they going? How are they still alive?

6. When internet is slow. Be it on a laptop, an office computer or my phone, I absolutely hate waiting for a page to load especially when I scroll down and since it was slow, it scrolls all the way down to the bottom by the time it loads. Ugh!

7. When parents don't watch their kids. Like in a store, they are screaming and touching everything and running around and the parents couldn't care less.

8. When people stand in the aisle at a store and block it. Hello, do you not have that magic 6th sense that lets us know someone is behind us trying to get through? It's rude! Move!

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