Friday, March 4, 2011

My Weekday Water Challenge

I don't know why, but I love challenging myself to little trials that I know I am capable of completing. This week was all about water.

I know that some days I don't drink enough water. I remember one day specifically where I couldn't recall if I'd had any water at all. That's not I thought I'd test myself.

The rules were originally that I was only allowed to drink water for 7 whole days. Obviously, I would still be eating my regular diet but replacing all my Diet Vernor's, Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry, apple juice, milk, and wine throughout the week with nothing but plain old ice water.
Through the week, I made the decision to change the timeline from 7 days to 5. It's not because it was getting too hard or that I was craving anything-just that I had a miserable week and really wanted to relax this weekend with a cup of coffee and, of course, a champagne toast for my boyfriend's brother's 21st birthday!

In exactly 25 minutes, my ban on all liquid of taste will be lifted. But, surprisingly I do not have the urge to go crazy and down gallons of Kool-Aid with the refrigerator door open.

Here's what I've learned from this short experience of mine:
  • It's a lot easier falling asleep every night (this is my biggest benefit by far)
  • I haven't had a single headache
  • Nothing quenches thirst better than ice water (plus you burn more calories drinking ice cold water!)
  • My skin started to clear up
  • I'm sure glad I bought that Tervis Tumbler ;)
But during the later part of this week, when I became bored with plain, tasteless water, I did notice myself eating when I was actually thirsty just for the flavors.

I've come to the conclusion that I know I feel better when I drink more water. Some of these days I had around 90oz and felt amazing. I'm not going to completely swear off all other drinks, but I will drink them sparingly, as a treat more than replacing my water intake with them. I did have a glass of unsweetened tea today, (which I allowed myself since it is mainly water) and found it took care of my boredom that may replace a diet pop here or there, which is certainly more healthy.

I'm really glad I challenged myself to this, and I am making a commitment to drink a lot more water than any other drink now that I know how it makes me feel.

Have you every challenged yourself?
Do you drink enough water?


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  1. I do NOT drink enough water .. Seriously!? Especially since I stopped working at the office. When I was there my challenge was to drink two bottles of water per day. Now I'm at home and pop is more readily available - it's got to stop!

    My recent challenges:
    -make my bed every morning
    -pick a room in the house and KEEP it clean, even though in picking up after other people.
    -write a 'to-do' list everyday (to make sure my working at home is still productive)
    -choose one organizing project per day (one desk)

    Added to the list:
    -drink more water ;)

    Love this post girl.