Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nail Polish Storage

One of my pet peeves is trying to dig through a drawer full of nail polish to find one color that you really want to use, which, let's face it, is always on the very bottom.
Enter nail polish rack. It's the perfect solution. I see a lot of people on YouTube store their bottles on these racks, which can be found on Ebay and other websites. I got mine from The Supply Source for around $48.00 (including shipping!) Ebay has a few for different prices, but the shipping is usually around $20.

The nail polish rack I bought is made of acrylic so it's very sturdy and durable. The rack has 6 shelves, with a lip on each so the polish doesn't fly off, and it holds 90 standard bottles. Mine happened to hold 101 because I have some minis. It also has a hole to mount the rack on the wall, I'm sure I'll get to that eventually.

Being that I have OCD, I had to sort my nail polishes by color. Talk about annoying...where does mauve even go? Brown didn't come after pink in my books...
But I did the best I could with all most of my colors, and I'm ashamed to say I need to order another rack. :/ What can I say? I have a sickness.

If you want to know any specific color, leave a comment and I'll be sure to get back to you!

With Flash

No Flash
I know off the top of my head I'm missing several of my favorite polishes because my sisters borrowed them. I can remember
China Glaze - For Audrey
Sephora by OPI - Mermaid to Order
Hard Candy - Beetle
OPI- Big Apple Red

I'm sure they "borrowed" more that I just cannot remember!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I know I'm definitely glad to be done organizing these and now it's so much more easy to pick a specific color to use!

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