Sunday, March 28, 2010

A second blog post already?

So, I'm relatively new to the blog world (besides my personal xanga link in my AIM profile in high school...ha) and I have to say, I LOVE IT! I'm on a roll too, two posts in one night.

Now I know this is probably the wrong time to start a blog, while I'm currently banned from makeup. I realized I went a little too crazy, bought a little too much makeup in a short period of time. Oops. So I promised my friend at work that if he didn't "hoard" any useless leftover material from work for a while, I'd abstain from buying makeup for the same period of time. I decided I'd quit buying new makeup products from the end of February until May 27th. How did I decide on that day? Well I did a little research on the new MAC Collections due to come out this season and May 27th is when the To The Beach Collection hits stores. From now until then, none of the collections really caught my eye.

I gotta say, the To The Beach Collection looks amazing. I love the packaging and the summery/beachy feel of it. I can't wait! I hope I don't go too crazy. I plan on buying the empty MAC eyeshadow palettes while I'm there as well. I need to start depotting some of my singles. These next two months can't go fast enough. Classes will end and the makeup of summer can flourish in my collection!

This whole not-buying-makeup thing started out being super difficult. It's gotten easier, although watching all the videos on YouTube on new or favorite products makes me want to hit Sephora hard. But I've been proud of myself...I've resisted.

So, sadly, I won't have any brand new haul pictures for you guys until then but I will be doing reviews of the products I bought before my ban kicked in. Type at y'all soon...


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