Monday, February 7, 2011

MAC Stereo Rose MSF vs. Stila Make Me Blush Cheek Color

I remember it like it was just yesterday, my phone alarm going off at 5am just so I could go online to order the coveted MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish. It was being repromoted with MAC's In the Groove Collection. One I heard how in love with it everyone was and how hard it was to get your hands on, it became a mission of mine to own it. I placed a small order that morning, just Stereo Rose and Jazzed Lipstick, which, oddly enough turned out to be pretty sought after as well. I waited patiently with no confirmation email from MAC all day. Or the next day. Did I order early enough? Why don't they make more of these things!?!

And then, it came. It was everything I'd hoped for (in a blush of course, I'm not that crazy.) And I've cherished it ever since. Stereo Rose is a great blush for every skintone, my go-to cheek color in the summer and, up until tonight, a very unique piece in my collection.

Enter Stila Make Me Blush Cheek Color. Inspired by Conversation Hearts of Valentine's Day, this cheek color is absolutely gorgeous.

Stile MMB and MAC Stereo Rose don't look anything alike to me in the pan. If I hadn't heard someone else on the Internet claim these two to be dupes of each other I'd never put two and two together.

Ready for some comparison shots?

I'm not even going to bother with the prices point of this comparison since you can't find Stereo Rose anywhere other than overpriced on EBay and the Stila blush is part of a set sold online at Sephora (sold out as of now, but hopefully they re-stock!)
The Stereo Rose is .35oz and the Stila MMB is .34oz.

So are they dupes??

In my opinion, yes. I don't think anything is ever 100% the same as something else but these are pretty darn close. The only differences I can spot are that Stereo Rose is a bit more dimensional than the Stila. From different lights it can take on either a more pink, coral or gold tone. Another teeny tiny difference is that the Stila Cheek Color may be a little more orange/rusty colored than Stereo Rose, but it's barely noticeable. I'd say if you couldn't get your hands on Stereo Rose, Stila Make Me Blush Cheek Color would be a great alternative. (Plus, it's cheaper! You can buy this blush by itself at Macy's and on the Stila website for $14)

Does anyone else have both of these products? How to they compare in your opinion?


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