Friday, February 18, 2011

N.O.T.D. (Nail of the Day)

This is actually my first NOTD! Yay, me. Okay, so the whole point of this post is to be short and sweet. I like that, it gives me a break from my normally lengthy posts. Here we go...

I'm wearing Orly Berry Blast under the new China Glaze Black Mesh Crackle polish.
Real quickly, let me do a teeny tiny review on the Crackle polishes. :)
I do like them, however, I don't think they're all that "unique" because I remember having these in Elementary School. They are neat, and differet compared to the polishes that have come out recently.
OPI came out with one first, with the Katy Perry Collection, that is called Shatter. China Glaze (the one I'm sporting in the pictures) came out almost immediately after, for about $3.50 cheaper...(it made it really hard to pick which one to buy...)
Anyway, China Glaze released a black, pink, purple, white, grey and teal crackle polish where as OPI only came out with the black. I viewed some CG swatches online and noticed that the colored ones didn't really crackle. They just looked like polishes that have been on for a few days. The black looked good though, so that's the one I bought. I got it mine at Sally's Beauty Supply for $5.

I have a few tips if you're going to wear this, however, based on my own experiences.
  • Paint the base coat pretty thick because the crackle will pull the color and make it appear more sheer
  • Make sure to lay the crackle on thick because it wont crack right if it's applied too thin.
  • I definitely recommend a top coat over the crackle because it can peel easily, being that it is already separated.
  • I think if the Black Mesh Crackle was over an orange polish it would look AH-mazing for Halloween!

As I mentioned earlier, the crackle polish sort of pulls the color underneath...the pink Orly color is much more vibrant on its own. I am really considering buying the white and grey crackle polishes, I just hope they work...

My next NOTD will be a picture and a short caption, I promise!!

Do you have any crackling/shattering polishes?
Do you remember them?
Thoughts? Comment below!

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