Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hard Candy Beetle Nail Polish

I vaguely remember Hard Candy polishes being sold in big 90's protective plastic packaging at Costco several years ago. I can picture all different colored bottles with matching plastic rings on the top. They were so cool. 

Not much has changed about Hard Candy polishes. They are still cool, still have awesome colors and still come with that plastic chunky ring on the top.

I recently purchased my first Hard Candy Nail Polish, named Beetle. I've heard this color is a dupe for Orly's Space Cadet. I can't vouch for that, seeing as how I don't own the Orly version...but this color is very unique to my growing collection. The closest thing I have to this is is The Show Must Go On from the OPI Burlesque collection, except that TSMGO is pink and orange duochrome.

This color is rare and pretty in my opinion. I'd describe it as a purple/green duochrome with glitter. I was disappointed at first, because the polish in the bottle is gorgeous but each coat is extremely sheer. It looks like a very sheer olive green with chunks of glitter. I had to paint a good four coats to make it look similar to how it looks in the bottle.

With that being said, it is an amazing shade. I'm glad i found it because I missed out on the Orly one and Beetle was pretty cheap at only $4.00.

Looks more on the green side with no flash

Looks strictly purple in the bottle with flash

No flash

 I can't speak of the longevity or wear of this polish...I've only have it on for about two hours. But I can already tell I love it!

What are your favorite duo-chrome polishes?

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