Saturday, April 24, 2010


Yay! So today I finally got to go to LUSH! Man, I just love it there. I find the sales girls to be a tad pushy...not to make me buy things but just try things and smell different scents. Some of the smells make me nauseous and are too strong in my opinion, but some smells there are amazing. Its not too bad, it can just be a little overwhelming.
The best part about LUSH is that you get to try free samples of anything, in store or take home.

They are having an event this Friday, I think I might go :) My reward to myself after this loooong semester. You get a free goodie bag too!

Look for a review on these products soon, after I've had the chance to try them out. These are just pictures and first thoughts!

The first thing I was anxious to pick up at LUSH was the new lip scrubs. I usually make one out of sugar, olive oil and an essential oil, like orange. My homemade one works all right but I don't feel that it makes my lips that soft. It is also very gritty and abraisive. This Bubblegum Lip Scrub was a little pricey at $8.95 for a little glass jar but I believe it was worth it. My boyfriend and I both tried it at the store and it was delicious. Did I mention you can eat it? Yes! Totally edible. It actually does taste like bubblegum and it made both of our lips supple and soft. They had 2 other flavors, Minut Julep and Sweet Lips which smelled like brown sugar. All three were yummy but we had to practice self control. 

The next thing we bought wasn't for me at all! My boyfriend really wanted this soap (shh...he likes LUSH as much as I do) because he's a definite mint fan and this smells like mouthwash to me! Its called Demon in the Dark. Its not a bad smell but its not for me. As a body soap anyway. The sales girl, Amy, told us that depending on your body temperature, the soap will either heat you up or cool you down so that will be interesting to try.  The soap is dark green with yellow and black swirls. It was $37.80/lb but we only bought a $5.48 chunk of it. That's one thing I love about LUSH, you can ask them to cut you any $$ amount of soap. Its nice to be able to choose how much you want to buy.

The next soap was one I fell in love with. I've never heard of it before but Amy told me if I love Rockstar soap-like scents, I'd love Godmother Soap. And I do. It smells so yummy I want to bite it. Kind of like a berry scented candle melt. Or jello when its still in liquid form. Its hard to describe but its definitely a sweet fruity type smell. This one was $27.00/lb and I bought a $6.35 chunk. I cannot wait to use it!

The next thing was a repurchase of mine. I'd buy these a million more times. This pink egg is a bath bomb, a Fluff Egg Bath Bomb to be exact.You run your bath, drop it in and it goes to town fizzing away. It turns the water hot pink and smells amazing. A little like the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar-again, candy sweet scent. This is a limited edition bath bomb for spring and there were only 3 left at my LUSH store. :( I didn't check the LUSH inside my Macy's but I should have gotten more!!

Ahh...where to start?? This little box is chock full of goodies that make me want to take a shower right now so I can try each and every one of them out. This Naked Kit is completely vegan and preservative free. The Naked Kit contains mini or full versions of all these products:

Sexy Peel Soap
The website says: "Our delecatable lemon and lime marmelade soap with just a touch of sex appeal." It smells exactly like the Each Peach Massage Bar to me and I love love love that! I think these citrus-y scents are great for summer.

Therapy Massage Bar
This one smells ok. It has lavendar and cocoa butter and smells a little like chocolate. Very moisturizing!!

Fresh Farmacy Cleanser
This soap doesn't really have a smell. Its infused with chamomile so it reduces redness which is wonderful for me. I had the choice of either this facial cleanser or the Coalface Cleanser and I chose the Fresh Farmacy because I felt it would be more gentle on my skin.

Tea Tree Toner Tab
I got a choice of four toner tabs. I chose the Tea Tree one because its good for oily skin but it also won't be too drying...sounds good to me! With these, you put hot water in a bowl, drop the toner tab in and lean over the bowl with a towel over your head to create an in-home facial! I love that you can put that water in a spray bottle and use it as a toner after too!!

Buffy Body Bar
I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about this product so I was anxious to try it. It was just a bonus it was included in the Naked Kit! This bar is an exfoliator and also is supposed to moisturize your skin, Amy washed my hand with this and it was a little rough on the top of my hand but my arm was ok. It did make my hand super smooth though! Too rough to use anywhere above the neck. I think my boyfriend was more excited about this one than I was!

And the last product...
Squeaky Clean Solid Shampoo
I can't describe the smell of this but its in the "fresh smelling" family. You wouldn't think a solid disc that looks like hamster food would lather up but it was like magic. When wet, this looks exactly like a liquid shampoo...I just hope it works like one!

I hope you guys enjoyed this at least half as much as I did! I'll review these products shortly. Any questions...leave them in the comments!! Thanks for reading!


FTC Disclaimer: I purchased all of these products with my own money and am in no way affiliated with Lush Cosmetics.

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