Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Product Review/Rave!

I have been trying/buying Wet n Wild makeup since I started having an interest in makeup. They were never my favorite brand, not even out of the drugstore brands, but they claimed a lot of my "go-to" products over the years. If I needed an inexpensive eyeliner or nail polish, Wet n Wild was definitely the brand I checked into first.
But lately, I started noticing small changes in Wet n Wild displays. They have come out with a "natural" paraben-free line of face products, new lip glosses and new eye shadow palettes. I recently saw EmilyNoel83 and VintageorTacky on YouTube reviewing some of the new Wet n Wild Color Icon Palettes. These are so cute, they have a lot of good color choices. There are only four palettes but so far they are each named after one of the seven deadly sins.
The palette I bought was Lust. Its not a color palette I would normally pick out for myself, I'm more of a neutral girl, but for some reason, it stood out to me. I've been very into purples lately, and after buying the Maybelline Eye Studio palettes in Purple Icon, I wanted to try a more warm toned purple.

After trying this palette, all I can say is "wow."
These shadows are so extremely pigmented. Almost to the point where you have to be careful when you apply them because so much product sticks to the brush. Each palette comes with six colors and three of them are matte and three are either shimmery or sparkley. In this particular palette there is a mauve-light pink matte shade, a white sparkley shade, a medium warm matte raisin, a dark black-ish purple with glitter, a dark purple matte and a shimmering charcoal grey. They are all beautiful. This specific palette is so versatile. It's very easy to create multiple day time looks (which I did today-and got a complement on...thanks Jen!) or very dramatic night looks. I can't wait until my makeup ban is over so I can get the other three palettes.

Skin and paper swatches

Day time eye look using the three matte shades plus white sparkley shade for highlight.

I give this palette an A+! :)

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