Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nail Polish HAUL!!

So just because I'm not allowed to buy makeup doesn't mean I'm not allowed to buy nail polish! I went to Walgreens specifically to buy some new Sinful Colors nail polishes and that's exactly what I did. Well that, and the 3 Sally Hansen nail polishes, makeup remover, qtips, epsom salt and endless amounts of clearance Easter candy. $0.37 for a package of peeps? Sold.

The new "trends" with nail polish this spring/summer season seems to be either pastels or glitter. Both are fine with me. The glitter colors brought me back to elementary school when my best friend Lindsay and I looked at painting nails as a daily hobby. Some of the colors I bought today really impressed me, some fell a little flat :( But I'm not going to let myself be dissapointed yet, I have a bunch of different ideas to try with them over the weekend!

As you can see, I was in the mood for a good pink or purple polish. :) From right to left: Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in #33 Pacific Blue, Sinful Colors #922 Frenzy, Sinful Colors #930 I Miss You, Sinful Colors #102 Purple Diamond, Sinful Colors #830 Pinky Glitter, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear #38 Bubblegum Pink, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear #11 Strobe Light and Sinful Colors #376 Glass Pink.

All of these swatches are taken over OPI Start to Finish Base and Top Coat and the camera flash on.

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear #33 Pacific Blue
This color looks a little too blue on camera. It's more periwinkle in person.
(1 coat!!)

Sinful Colors #922 Frenzy
I had to do 3 coats of this color just to get this amount of glitter to show up on my nails. The glitter is pretty though, multi-colored. I think I'm going to try it over a purple polish.

Sinful Colors #930 I Miss You
I had the same "problem" with this color, expected though, these are basically a glittery top coat. Still beautiful over the right color.

Sinful Colors #102 Purple Diamond
This was one of my favorite colors I bought today! It's a soft shimmering purple. This one has super fine silver glitter in it, it's not as opaque as I thought it would be.

Sinful Colors #830 Pinky Glitter
This one had the most diverse glitter in it. Different shaped pieces of glitter and all opalescent shades of pink. I like this one even on it's own.

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear #38 Bubblegum Pink
I have to confess, this color is not completely new. I bought it a few months ago but had yet to review it. LOVE IT! It is exactly bubblegum pink. Only need one coat too. So cute for spring time anytime!

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear #11 Strobe Light
This color was extremely close to the Sinful Colors #930 I Miss You. Again, would be better over an opaque pink or purple. Or even black, maybe in the fall :)

Sinful Colors #376 Glass Pink
This color is cute. It's not the traditional pale pink because it has some of that super fine glitter in it. The glitter shows up a little more in this one than in Purple Diamond, probably because it's lighter. This is the color I ended up painting my nails for the week. (maybe because it is the last one I swatched?) It's not too eye catching but not too dull either.

All of the glitter colors I tried were a bit difficult to remove. I removed the polish while it was still semi-wet so that wasn't a problem, but the individual chunks of glitter got all over my fingers. I guess I should've expected that with glitter nail polish though, not a huge deal.

Little side note: the Yes to Carrots C me Smile Lip Butters are on clearance at Walgreens right now. They have the Citrus and Melon kinds. Usually when I buy something on clearance, there's a reason why it was marked down. But so far so good with these Lip Butters, they are yummy and moisturizing! Makes me think I'd like more Yes to products? Any recommendations? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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