Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 5: Six Songs You're Addicted to

This is going to be hard, because I already went on the record saying every song on the radio sucks.

But I do have a few that I enjoy from time to time ;)

1. Definitely Like a G6 by Far East Movement

I'm not sure what it is...I think I just really like the beat. Who knows, I'm always down for a little car dancing music. Especially to a song that embarrasses the boyfriend.

2. Has got to be Boys of Fall by Kenny Chesney. I absolutely adore this song. It is so meaningful yet fun at the same time. It makes something that otherwise is just a sport, football, seem like the world revolves around it. (And really, shouldn't it?)

3. Another song I love is Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice. I love his voice, the melody and especially the lyrics. "Never get too old to call her "Baby" is such a good line :)

4. A song that isn't new at all but one that I will never, ever get sick of is Sweet Dreams by Beyonce. That song has the best beat, tune and most of all music video ever. Beyonce can move! It's impossible not to dance when that song comes on.

Gosh, this is really hard for me...I normally listen to really old songs (I know, lame right?) from a burned cd in my car. Today I was listening to Bush, Soul Asylum and old school Mariah Carey (which were her best years, IMO.)

Let's see...I'm going to try to stick to songs that are relatively and/or still on the radio...

5. I sort of enjoy Little White Church  by Little Big Town. Catchy song with cute lyrics. I won't turn the station if it comes on...

6. Trailerhood by Toby Keith is a really funny (and mostly true to life) song...

Phew, that was the hardest list so far! Hopefully tomorrow's is easier. Night Night!

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