Monday, October 25, 2010

Wet n Wild Holiday 2010 Limited Edition Palettes

Hey everyone! I hope your week-leading-up-to-Halloween is less stressful than mine, however, even though I'm stressed at the moment, I have something to post about!!

So for over a week, I've been looking for these Wet n Wild Holiday palettes. I've been to CVS, Meijer, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Walgreens again. Well, the 5th time's a charm for this gal, because I found 'em.

I have to give a shout out to Jenn, (Jenny04105 on YouTube), for letting me know that the palettes are usually found on an end of some random aisle, or else I wouldn't have looked so hard for them. They were across from the makeup at Walgreen's, by the face soaps for some reason. But, never the less, I have located them. The display only had two of each of the 4 palettes, with some mascara/eyeshadow combos and nail polish duos below. I picked out the two palettes that looked most interesting to me. Here's my review...

Night Elf Palette

Sugar Plum Fairy Palette
These palettes retail for $4.99 each. They have the same packaging as the regular Color Icon palettes, 6 eye shadows in all, which I also have a blog post of. These holiday palettes come with a free eyeliner, whereas the regular palettes do not.

I'll start where I'm least impressed. Sugar Plum Fairy. This palette looks beautiful in the packaging. It has a frosty white, a tannish brown, a lilac, a mauve, plum, and a black with warm purple shimmer. All of these colors have some kind of sheen, some have shimmer, but none of them are matte. I was envisioning all kinds of looks to create with these colors but I was really disappointed, which I'll get to in a minute. Now, the eyeliner is great. I've owned many Wet n Wild eyeliners that were just so-so, cheap eyeliners I'd buy in middle school. I have to say, the eyeliner in in this holiday palette is very much improved. It glided on smooth and opaque with a gorgeous plum color. The eye shadows left me wanting more, however.

I must have swatched the frosty white color 7 times and this is the best swatch i could come up with. It was chalky and powdery and didn't stick to my finger, let alone my hand. I was shocked, because every other Color Icon palette I own has insanely pigmented colors. I thought, maybe this one is a dud, and moved on to swatch the remaining 5. The color to the white of the swatch, although it is very light, is very pretty. The shimmers in it are subtle and the color is a neutral light brown/tan. The lilac color was a bit hard to swatch, I had to pack the color on for this picture and the one to the right of that was even worse. The last two were decent, with the black color being amazing. My finger is still stained and I'm sure it will blend like a dream.

On to the Night Elf Palette. I was much more satisfied with. This palette comes with a frosty ivory, medium silver, taupe, red, brown with green duo chrome, and a black. This palette also came with a black eyeliner, which I was very impressed with the smoothness of. The eyeliner doesn't have much of staying power, they smear after being dry for over 30 minutes, but I didn't expect that anyway. I was very happy there was no "tugging" with these eyeliners.
These eye shadows are to die for. These, too, have a sheen to each color but they all seem to work well together. I've never owned red eyeshadow before (except for the Coastal Scents 88 Palette, if you count that) so i was a little intimidated. The color that caught my eye in this set was the one swatched on the bottom left. It's a light brown but when in the direct light, it shines blue and green. Very unique in my collection. I've heard it compared to MAC Club, but I don't own that, so I can't say. Each and every eyeshadow in the Night Elf Palette were super pigmented and swatched like a dream. I can see me wearing this to a holiday party in a couple months. I'm so excited to play with these.

I'm very glad I bought these palettes. I'm tempted to go back to get the other two, even though I'm sure I have no use/need for them. The words "Limited Edition" just pull me right in, every time.

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys can find these palettes before they're gone!



  1. OOOOHHH!! Me likey!! Pretty colors!! I remember when my Mom would buy me the makeup palette collection from Ultima II... I had SO much fun with it!!

  2. Please tell me where in Michigan you found these? I have looked all over and I really want them, Please email me at Thanks