Saturday, October 2, 2010

Milani's Purple Passion

So I drug myself out on this dreary day here in Michigan to the local CVS to look for a specific product that I want to review. Of course none of the 3 CVS stores near my house had it because we never get new products on time and they never restock limited edition things. But while I was there, looking around, I found a few new items to try and this was one of them. I'm a sucker for nail polish and especially shades I don't already have in my collection (which is a rare find because I have way too many shades.) I was just about to leave, nail polish-less when I saw a cardboard stand with Milani polishes inside. One of the shades was Purple Passion and it caught my eye right away. It was the only color I don't have anything similar to. And since Milani polishes are only about $4.49, I had to pick it up.

Now, the color is coming up a bit blue on camera but in reality its a little bit more purple. There are definitely some blue tones in it, though and it is gorgeous. It has a purply-pink sheen to it but it's not overly shiny so you need a top coat. I have 3 coats on here, it comes out of the bottle pretty sheer. It paints on pretty smoothly and didn't take too long to dry.

I've been so stuck on the nude, beige, brown, muddy, grey train for so long, it's nice to come off it and get back into colors. And what better time for purple than fall? It's love!

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