Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 6: Five things you can’t live without.

I'm going to take the hard road with this one and skip all of the typical "water, food and air" answers.

Here I go:

1. Cheese. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I love cheese. I definitely couldn't live with out it. I could handle it being my only food group.

2. My Old Navy Yoga Pants. I wear these all the time. In fact, I don't have a pair clean so I need to get on that. They fit snug, are stretchy and super comfy. I love the wide waist band because when you fold it over, it makes your butt look smaller, a big plus for me! I have the capri and pant version so I'm set for the year.

3. Concealer. I know, I know, how shallow. But really, if I could only use one makeup product I would have to pick concealer because although boring, I'd rather get rid of under eye circles than have some blush on. I'd pick Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque. I need  it .

4. My boyfriend. I know, you just puked in your mouth...but really I love him. We're a team on almost everything we do and he is so good to me. He makes me laugh too and laughing is the one thing I need to survive.
and last but not least...

5. I know it's really pathetic but I'm gonna say my Blackberry Torch. It keeps me in touch with the rest of the world, without me even having to say a word! I can check Twitter, Facebook, email, texts, bbms, this blog...everything. And although a little annoying with the social feeds, it's really the smartest phone I've ever had.

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We're more than half way through this challenge and I'd say we're doing pretty good...more tomorrow!

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  1. your so funny.... I wanna write a blog...just to shy ... maybe.....ugh what us bbm?