Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 03 — Your favorite brush

Okay, do you mean makeup brush or hair brush??

You're lucky I'm prepared to answer either way. ;)

I must cheat, however, because I have more than one of each, as usual.

I use a lot of brushes every day but I'd be lost without a select few of them. One is my Sigma 217 (or E25 in the new numbering system) for my eyes. I use this brush every day, regardless of the eye look I do. It's great for applying loose shadow like my BareMinerals, perfect for blending colors together and fading a color into the crease. I absolutely love it, and it's only $9.

My other favorite brush is an Image Essentials brush I bought at KMart for about $3. It was an impulse buy but ended up being one of my best purchases. I use this brush everyday for contouring with my bronzer. It works great and it's so soft!

For hair brushes, I love my Conair paddle brush. I had a pink one of these all through high school and I've had this blue one for years. They last forever (except the gel handle...don't let your niece bite it, it makes a mess...believe me) and they get every tangle out.

I love the BrushLab round brushes as well. I got this one based on a video from LolaMarie7. She was raving about these brushes and everything she said was true. I'm not a pro with using a round brush with one hand yet, but I'm getting there and these brushes make it super easy. This is the only round brush I've ever used that doesn't tangle and tug my hair. It literally glides through and makes your hair soft and polished. Love!

Hasta Luego!

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