Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18 — Your favorite beauty guru

Wow, day 18 already. To be honest, I almost forgot to write this post today, I had to go to work early and I am exhausted. Anyway, my favorite beauty guru...hmmm...

I really used to love Michele1218. I don't know what it is about her, but if she raved about something, no matter what it was, something clicked in my head and I just had to get it!
I love her style and how she always had neutral eye tutorials. Plus she's super pretty! I really was sad when she decided to leave YouTube because she was one of those people that if she made a new video, all the other videos in my subscription box would just simply have to wait. I wish she would come back just to do random hauls or something!!

I also love to watch LisaLisaD1, because, like Michele, she makes me want everything! I love how she puts what she's wearing in the description box because on most days, I'll think "wow her lips look amazing!" or "I really love her eyeshadow" and I can just read below to find out what it is! She's also really nice and always responds to my comments. I'm a huge fan of her Friday Hauls-as if Friday wasn't already the best day, I can't wait to come home and watch Lisa's weekly haul!

For real makeup lessons, I always refer to Pixiwoo. I love Sam and Nic, I think they are two of the best makeup artists and teachers out there. They both do beautiful looks of all kinds and they show you how to achieve it from beginning to end. And hello, their accent? Please! In Fact, Sam just posted a picture of her latest tutorial, Pamela Anderson makeup, she looks stunning and I can't wait for the video to be posted!

Of course, I have a million other gurus I always watch, LolaMarie7, TheMakeupAddict86, EmilyNoel83, Jenny04105, StephBusta, LisaEldridgedotcom...the list goes on and on.

See you tomorrow!

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