Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 28 — Your favorite drink

Ok, if they mean "alcoholic drink" then I'd have to say hard cider cider. Woodchuck Draft Cider, ACE Pear Cider, Hornsby's...they're all so good, plus the alcohol content is higher than beer :). It's 200+ calories a bottle so I rarely indulge in it any more but it tastes so incredibly good! I love the different varieties and seasonal flavors they come out with. Also, you can make Snakebites by mixing lager and cider together. Mmmm.

And favorite regular drink is probably Chai Tea. I love Starbucks Tazo Chai in every [nonfat] form, latte, frappucino, cold, hot, plain...just love it. It tastes like the holidays. It's a spiced tea with a lot of flavor. I love it hot or cold and I even make it at home sometimes with Oregon Chai Tea Concentrate. It's so comforting and yummy!

See you tomorrow!

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