Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 05 — Your favorite thing to do & Day 06 — Anything Hello Kitty

Bad Liz, Bad. I skipped a day of this. In all fairness, I had a horrible day at work on Friday, went out to dinner as soon as I got home (celebration of losing 5% of my goal...and 11.5 pounds so far) and went to bed at 8:15. I know, it's an excuse, but I honestly did forget.

My punishment shall be to write both yesterday and today's blog post immediately. Here I go.

My Favorite Thing To Do. Hmm...I would have to say put really comfy clothes on, grab a Diet Vernors and write this blog and watch the new videos that have popped into my subscription box on YouTube. Preferably with Christmas music and/or movie playing in the background. I know, I'm sick. ;)

Ok Anything Hello Kitty. This should be easy, and I'm going to approach this the same way I approached having to tell my family that I didn't care for my Dear Aunt Joanie's shortbread (or any shortbread, for that matter)...I don't like Hello Kitty.

It's not because it was trendy and I was trying to be different. It's because I honestly never got into it. When Hello Kitty first came out, I was a little younger and when I was younger, I hated anything girly. I didn't like frilly dresses, anything pink or even to brush my hair (embarrasssssssingggg.) I just don't really care for dolls or that big "cute" cat face. I don't even care for real cats. And the big bow? Please. Blech.

See you tomorrow, promise!

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