Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 19 — Your favorite look from a beauty guru

These are getting harder every day! I love watching celebrity inspired tutorials. Especially Kim Kardashian ones. Pixiwoo has amazing tutorials, as stated in my last post. I love their Kim Kardashian, and the Pamela Anderson one Sam did yesterday was so beautiful. I also love when Nic does her makeup and doesn't really plan it, just goes with it. There was one where she used a light off white pigment and satin taupe in the crease. I recreated it the next day and got so many compliments. They seriously have so much talent.

I also love MakeupByEman's tutorials for dark smoky eyes. I believe she has a black or more neutral one and she recently did a green one.

When you watch any of these videos, before they even start talking you want to be like "How can I do my makeup like that?!" and that makes it so fun to watch and learn!

What are your favorite looks to watch?

See ya on day 20!

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