Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 27 — Your favorite skincare product

I'm going to have to go with face wash on this one. I think all of my skincare products are really important but after you wash your face it's like a fresh start. I never put makeup on if I haven't washed my face and I use two different washes to keep it clean.

I use a salicylic acid wash, Biore Ice Cleanser and Clean & Clear Continuous Control. I use each of these every other time I wash my face. The Biore one is good because it makes your skin squeaky clean. The Clean & Clear one is nice because it has benzoyl peroxide in it, which help clears breakouts, but doesn't leave your skin feeling completely clean so I alternate the two.
I love both of these washes for different reasons, but they both do their job. I also use an exfoliator and a mask but I'd have to say my favorite product is my face wash!
Only 3 more posts to go!

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