Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 09 — Your favorite pair of shoes

This is really hard too. I love wearing high heels but they always end up hurting my feet since I don't wear them that often. I love my Converse and short "fuggs" for running around but overall I'd have to say my favorite pair of shoes are flip flops. From the plain, cheap kind from Old Navy (I think I have 2 pairs of every color from the last 5+ years) to my Cynthia Vincent for Target studded sandals.

Yes, I love fall and the cooler weather but all throughout the summer I'm in flip flops 24/7. I love that time of year when it gets warm enough (for us Michiganders that's basically anything above 50 degrees) to throw on some flip flops and go. I like how they look on my feet, I have really narrow feet so shoes with laces can look a little weird, but flip flops look great. Plus you get to show off your painted toe nails and have an excuse for a pedicure!

Hey, we're 1/3 done with this blog challenge!
See you tomorow!

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